About Separate Tracks

The Riverside Studio creates three different types of recordings of each session: separate tracks, combined recordings and clips, and internet backups.

Separate tracks are high-definition files created in the Studio by each participant's computer or device. The locally recorded files can have a video resolution of up to 2160p 4K and have 44.1 or 48 kHz audio. After the recording session stops and the tracks upload, the Host can download the separate track of each participant.

With a free Riverside account, you can download up to 2 hours of separate tracks to test them in your workflow. Upgrade to a subscription plan to download 5 or 15 hours of separate track downloads each month. All users can export recordings as clips in the Editor.

Download separate tracks in the following file formats:

  • Constant Frame Rate (CFR) Video
    The Constant Frame Rate (CFR) video is a participant's locally recorded track that Riverside encodes to ensure the same frame rate for all participants. The CFR MP4 video file may also include empty space if a participant only joined for part of the recording so their track stays synchronized with the tracks of other participants.
    Riverside Teams users can change the default frame rate of a Studio.
  • MP4 Video (Variable Frame Rate)
    This is the locally recorded video, as created by a participant's device. However, these files have a frame rate that can actively change during video playback to compress the video into a smaller file size than the CFR video.

  • WAV (Audio only)
    This is a participant's uncompressed, audio-only track. The audio is locally recorded with 16 bit depth and a sample rate of 44.1 or 48 kHz. Change the default audio sample rate on a Studio's settings page.

If a participant shares their screen, an Audience member joins during a Live Call-In, or the Host plays a file from the media board, you can download it as a separate track.

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