About Clips and Combined Recordings

The Riverside Studio creates three different types of recordings of each session, High Quality Tracks, internet Backups, and Clips and combined recordings.

Clips combine the High Quality Tracks into a single media file using Riverside's Editor. Export Clips of any length, from short excerpts to the full session. The Editor lets you trim and customize the content without needing other editing software.

Export a combined recording or Clip from the Editor and download it in these formats:

  • MP4 Video
    Riverside's Editor creates a single MP4 file by combining the multiple video tracks of participants into one video. When exporting a Clip, select the maximum video resolution of the file (720p, 1080p HD, or 2160p 4K). Exporting a higher resolution video creates a larger overall file size.

  • WAV HD Audio
    Export this uncompressed audio-only file if you are ready to publish it using a podcast host or if you will continue working on it with editing software. It will generally have a larger file size than the MP3 compressed audio format.

  • MP3 Compressed Audio
    Export this compressed audio-only file to create a file for sharing via email or for reference.

The resolution of each participant's track in an exported video is limited by the camera they use. For example, if a Guest's webcam has a maximum resolution of 720p, set the maximum resolution of the exported clip to 720p. If you set the clip's maximum to 1080p HD or 2160p 4K, the exported file will be larger and may take longer to transfer but will not have a higher resolution video track.

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