The Producer Role (Details)

Participants in a Riverside Studio session join in specific roles.

Producers help the Host monitor the recording session and can adjust most Studio settings. Multiple Producers can join a session.


Producers are not recorded on separate High Quality Tracks. However, if they enable their own mic and camera they are:

More Studio Actions

Producer – All Studios Computer Mobile App
Accept Guests Waiting in the Lobby checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Invite People with Studio Access Link checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Share Messages with All Other Studio Participants checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Adjust Another Participant's Output Volume (Live Call) checkmark-yes.svg  
Turn Participants' Individual Echo Cancellation On or Off checkmark-yes.svg  
Add Markers while Recording checkmark-yes.svg  
Manage Live Call-Ins with Audience members checkmark-yes.svg  
Share Computer's Screen checkmark-yes.svg  
Enable Low Data Mode checkmark-yes.svg  
Mute Own Mobile Device's Audio Output   checkmark-yes.svg

In a Riverside for Business account, Producers can also:

Producer – Additional Riverside for Business Features Computer Mobile App
Adjust Temperature and Exposure of Participant's Mobile Camera (Camera Controls) checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
(iOS only)
Send a Private Message to a Studio Participant checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Prompt a Participant to Change Mic, Camera, or Speaker checkmark-yes.svg  
Upload and play files on the Media Board checkmark-yes.svg  

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