The Audience Member Role: Details

Participants in a Riverside Studio session join in specific roles.

Audience members see the Host, Guests, and any Producers in the Studio as soon as the recording begins, like they are watching a webinar. They can also write messages in the group chat.

If a Studio is set to Private, Audience members cannot enter and watch, even if they have an invite.


Generally, Audience members are not recorded. But if they join using a computer, they can request permission start a Live Call-In. When the Host or Producer accepts their request, the Audience member is recorded like a Guest.

Studio settings

Audience Member Settings – All Studios Computer Mobile App
Change Audio Output Device in Studio checkmark-yes.svg  
Enable Live Captions in the Studio checkmark-yes.svg  
Change Your Display Name checkmark-yes.svg  

Studio actions

Audience Member Actions – All Studios Computer Mobile App
Share Messages with All Other Studio Participants checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Record in a Live Studio as an Audience Member checkmark-yes.svg  
Expand a Video Frame in the Studio checkmark-yes.svg  

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