Share Screen, Presentation, or Media (Overview)

During the recording, participants in the Studio can share additional content from their computer with these methods:

Share Screen

The Host, Guests, and Producers can share their computer's screen in the Studio. The quality of the screen share in the Studio and of the video's downloadable separate track is dependent on the strength of the participant's internet bandwidth.

Share Presentation

Users in a Riverside for Business account's Studio can upload and share a presentation file during a session. This is a great way to present a slide deck: you'll see what the other participants see, right alongside their video frames. The resulting video track is higher quality than a screen share.

Media Board

Use the Studio's Media Board to play audio and video files in the Studio. If you are recording, everything you play in the Media Board is saved as a separate High Quality Track.

In general, only a Studio's Host has access to the Media Board. In the Studio of a Riverside for Business account, Producers can also use it.

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