Send a Studio Invite Email

You can send your Guests an automated email invitation with the link to join your Studio. The email includes a recording tips checklist for a seamless experience. You can also generate a permanent, sharable Studio link. Follow the steps below to send participants an invitation to the Studio by email.

Step by step:

  1. Using a computer, log in to your account.
  2. Click the Riverside logo to go to the home page.
  3. Look for the relevant Studio and click Invite People.
  4. At the bottom of the Invite People pop-up, enter the participant's email address.
  5. Select whether the invite is for a Guest, Audience, or Producer role.
  6. Click Send invite.
    Your invited participant will receive an email with instructions about joining the Studio session.
Access links sent in Email Invitations are specific to each email address. They provide the recipient with Studio access as soon as you send them. You can change the recipient's role or remove their access using the Invite People pop-up.

You can also control who has access to each recording session by requiring participants to wait in the Lobby or changing the Studio's privacy settings.

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