The Host Role (Details)

Participants in a Riverside Studio session join in specific roles.

The Host monitors the session and is recorded along with their Guests. Every session has one participant in the Host role, usually the person who created the Studio.


The Host is the only role that can start and stop the recording. Hosts are recorded when their camera and mic are enabled. They can see participants' device details and upload progress in the Studio's sidebar.

If a Host's internet stops and they are disconnected from the Studio, the recording continues.

More Studio Actions

Host – All Studios Computer Mobile App
Start and Stop Recordings checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Accept Guests Waiting in the Lobby checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Send a Studio Invite Email checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Invite People with Studio Access Link checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Share Messages with All Other Studio Participants checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Use Mobile Device as Second Camera Angle (Multicam Mode)   checkmark-yes.svg
Mute Own Mobile Device's Audio Output   checkmark-yes.svg
Change All of Studio's settings checkmark-yes.svg  
Upload and play files on the Media Board checkmark-yes.svg  
Add Markers while Recording checkmark-yes.svg  
Adjust Another Participant's Output Volume (Live Call) checkmark-yes.svg  
Turn Participants' Individual Echo Cancellation On or Off checkmark-yes.svg  
Manage Live Call-Ins with Audience members checkmark-yes.svg  
Add a Script or Host Notes in the Studio checkmark-yes.svg  
Download Group Chat in Studio checkmark-yes.svg  
Use Teleprompter in Riverside Studio
(depending on subscription plan)
Share Computer's Screen checkmark-yes.svg  
Enable Low Data Mode checkmark-yes.svg  

Based on your Riverside for Business account, the Host can also:

Host – Additional Riverside for Business Features Computer Mobile App
Adjust Temperature and Exposure of Participant's Mobile Camera (Camera Controls) checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
(iOS only)
Send a Private Message to a Studio Participant checkmark-yes.svg checkmark-yes.svg
Prompt a Participant to Change Mic, Camera, or Speaker checkmark-yes.svg  

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