Join a Studio as an Audience Member

With an Audience invite link, you can join a Studio to watch a recording session in progress. Audience members can use the chat sidebar to post messages. Depending on the session's format, you can request to join the conversation itself and be recorded during a Live Call-In. Follow the steps below to join a Studio as an Audience member on your computer.

Use Chrome or Edge, the supported web browsers on a computer. You can also use the iOS app or Android app.

Step by step:

  1. On your computer, click Join Session in an Studio invite email or click a Studio access link.
    You can see the Host, Guests, and any Producers in the Studio as soon as they begin recording.
  2. In the Chat sidebar, enter your display name. (Optional)
  3. Type other comments in the chat sidebar. (Optional)

Messages posted in the chat sidebar are visible to other Audience members, Guests, Producers, and the Host.

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