Stream to Another Site with RTMP

Users with a Standard, Pro, or Teams account on Riverside can live stream to other platforms.

What is RTMP?

RTMP stands for "Real-Time Messaging Protocol." This is a method of streaming that allows for different platforms to connect to your video signal with a common language. RTMP allows you to send the video to different platforms and reach multiple potential audiences.

Where can I stream to using RTMP?

How do I stream to a custom RTMP?

First, you must generate the Stream URL and Stream Key on the platform you want to stream to. Then, add that information to Riverside:

  1. Access a Studio's Settings.
  2. Go to Live Stream.
  3. Click the toggle next to Custom Service.
  4. Paste the Stream URL and Stream Key from the other site in those fields.
    If the custom service provides a URL that begins with rtmps://, use the same URL on Riverside but remove the letter S: rtmp://.
Your live stream will be visible only after the Host starts the recording.

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