Live Stream to Another Site

Live stream your Riverside recording session to another platform using the Custom Service fields of a Studio's settings. You can also use the Custom Service fields to stream to multiple accounts on one platform.

You can live stream to any site that that supports RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) and provides a Stream URL and Stream Key. However, there may be some limitations based on the platform. We recommend doing a private test of any platform before the live broadcast itself.

Step by step:

  1. Generate the Stream URL and Stream Key on the other platform you want to stream to from Riverside.
  2. Access a Studio's Settings.
  3. Click Live Stream.
    See the step-by-step instructions for streaming to the platforms named on the Settings screen, such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  4. Click the toggle next to Custom Service.
  5. Add the Stream URL and Stream Key from the other platform in those fields.
    NOTE: Troubleshooting RTMP or RTMPS
    If the stream does not work and the custom service provides a URL that begins with rtmps://, you may need to use the same URL on Riverside but remove the letter S: rtmp://.
  6. Start and Stop the Live Stream on Riverside.

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