Live Streaming (Overview)

When you record a session in the Studio, you can also stream the video of the live conversation to other platforms so people can watch it.

Configuring the live stream to another platform is a two-step process. First, generate a Stream Key and Stream URL on the platform you want to stream to––you can follow the steps in the links below. Then, add that Stream Key and Stream URL to your Studio's Live Stream settings.

Users with a Standard, Pro, or Teams account on Riverside can live stream to other platforms.
After setting up each platform, you can live stream to multiple platforms at the same time.

All live streams have a maximum resolution of 720p. The recorded video will still be higher resolution and is not impacted by the strength of participants' internet connections.

Viewers watching on other platforms do not see your Riverside Studio's sidebar chat. To see any chat or comments posted by viewers on another platform, open it in another browser window or on another device with its volume off.
You can also invite Audience members to watch a recording session on Riverside itself. Audience members can type questions and join the conversation as recorded Guests.

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