Why Riverside?

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New opportunities are continually arising for both established and aspiring content creators to create engaging content that showcases their talents, shares their experiences, and builds a brand.

Creators need a reliable platform to make, edit, and distribute high-quality content, so they come to us!

Riverside stands out from the competitors because we focus on reliability and innovation.

What we offer

Below are only some of the things that set Riverside apart from the competition.

High-quality recording tracks

We’re a virtual studio that makes 4k recording and editing at the highest quality possible and accessible to anyone.

Riverside records you and your guests locally, bypassing poor or unstable internet connections, to give you studio-quality audio and video.

Separate audio and video tracks for you and each of your guests means plenty more room to play around with it all in post-production.

Automatic transcription

Supporting 100+ languages, our AI engine transcribes your recordings with 99% accuracy. One click and it’s captioned, too.

Speed up your post-production with our text-based editor. Search the transcript for what you need by typing it in, find it, cut it, and be done with it. 

Editor suite

We're not just a recording studio—we aim to be your one-stop shop for everything content creation. Once you're done recording, hop over to our editor to make your content audience-ready.

AI Magic editing tools

Create short-form clips and full episodes with a single click, generate summaries and chapters, and enhance your audio automatically with some help from AI.

Live streaming

You can stream to your favorite platforms including YouTube, X, LinkedIn, and Facebook with ease so all of your focus can be in the moment.

Incredible support

Our Support Team is made up of world-class audiophiles and tech wizzes to answer any question you have during your recording journey.

Let's do this!

From one-person shows to fully orchestrated teams, from single podcasters to large brands, Riverside is designed for everyone. That includes you.

Click here for ideas on all the ways you can use your Riverside content, or pop over to Riverside University for articles and how-to videos on everything podcasting and getting started with Riverside.

Our Help Center is here for you once you've started your recording journey with us!

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