Troubleshooting: Streaming to Facebook

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Troubleshooting for:

  • Seeing one of these messages on Riverside:
    • Facebook page is too new to go live
    • Streaming to Facebook is unavailable
    • Facebook is preventing the live stream
  • Seeing the message on Facebook: This content isn't available at the moment
  • Issues live streaming to a Facebook profile, page, group, or live video event
The live stream video feed is not visible on other platforms until you start the Recording on Riverside. It takes around 20 seconds for the video to appear on the sites you are live streaming to.

Suggested steps

  • Check that your Facebook account is at least 60 days old.
    • If it was created before 60 days ago, then Facebook restricts any live streaming. You must wait until your account is at least 60 days old to live stream.
  • If you're streaming to a Facebook page:
    • You must have access to manage the page
    • Check that the page has at least 100 followers.
      • If not, then Facebook restricts live streaming to the page. You must wait until the page has at least 100 followers to live stream to it.
  • If you're streaming to a Facebook group:
  • If you're streaming to a Facebook profile, ensure that your the permissions on your post are set for the right audience:
    1. After going live, in another tab, log into your Facebook account.
    2. Go to your profile.
    3. On the top corner of your live stream post, click the three dots to open the menu.
    4. Click Edit post.
    5. At the top of the post, under your name, click the current audience (i.e. Only me, Friends, Public).
      If you want to receive messages from people watching the live stream on your Facebook profile, you must set the Facebook post to Public.
    6. Select the correct audience.
    7. Click Done.
  • Follow these additional troubleshooting steps.

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