Lower thirds: Edit names and titles in the studio

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Change your name, title, or add a handle while you're in the studio. You can also change the displayed text's color, size, and style to match your brand

Who: Host, Guests, and Producers
Plan: All
Device: Computer Browser or MacOS desktop app

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Step by step

  1. Join a studio.
  2. In the bottom of left of each participant's tile, hover over the person's name. 
  3. Click the text box that appears to change the name or add a subtitle or handle. 
  4. Above the text box, change the design of the text:
  5. Click outside the text box to save your changes. 
    Your changes reflect immediately in the studio. 

Host and producers can edit anyone's names, title, and design (color, size, style). Guests can only change their own name and title.

Names and titles you add in the live studio are included in the live stream and the cloud recording. They are not reflected in the individual high quality tracks or in the editor.

You can add text overlays and labels in the editor after the session.

Participants who join from mobile currently do not see text banners, branding, and styled participant names.

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