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While you're live streaming, easily monitor live messages from viewers and directly interact with them, all from the Riverside chat. 

Who: Host and Producers
Plan: Standard, Pro, and Riverside for Business
Device: Computer Browser

Please note:
This feature is in beta and is being released gradually to Riverside users.

From the Riverside Studio chat, you can send and receive messages to platforms you are live streaming to that support omnichat.

This eliminates the need for you to monitor comments on each separate platform you are live streaming to. With omnichat, all live messages sent from viewers watching from different channels are aggregated on Riverside. This makes it easy for you to read all messages coming from users, and to respond directly to them, while you're live streaming on Riverside. 

Note that viewers' experience remain the same, since Riverside does not forward messages between streaming channels.

If a Producer sends a message in omnichat, their message is shown as a Message on behalf of the host to your viewers. 

Before live stream: Set up omnichat 

During live stream: Send, receive, and display messages 

Note: You can not see messages shared before you joined the studio.

After live stream: Download the chat

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