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When you share your screen using the MacOS desktop app, you receive locally recorded, high quality, separate tracks for the screen shares.

The first time you share your screen, you must enable it in the computer's System Settings/System Preferences.

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Step by step

  1. On a computer, open the Riverside desktop MacOS app.
  2. Share your screen.
  3. When prompted, click Open System Settings.
    • Selecting Deny prevents you from sharing your screen on Riverside. You can always update this setting by following the steps below.
  4. Follow these steps to allow permissions within your System Settings.
  5. Quit and re-open the Riverside app.
  6. Join a studio and start the screen share again.
    Riverside records your screen share as a high quality local track.

Please note that at this time, you cannot share the screen share's audio if you are recording using the MacOS desktop app.

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