Audio Interface: RODECaster Duo

You can connect the RODECaster Duo to a computer or mobile device to use XLR microphones and other audio sources with Riverside.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
checkmark-yes.svg Riverside Mobile App (see below)

Connection types

XLR or TRS (mic to interface)

· USB-C (to computer)

· Bluetooth (to mobile device)

Manufacturer details

Full specs at


  • Connect the RODECaster Duo to your computer using its USB ➀ port and choose RØDECaster Duo Main as the computer's audio input and output.
  • Otherwise, on the touchscreen, tap settings.svg Settings > Outputs and tap the Mix-minus tab to choose it.
  • On your computer, select RØDECaster Duo Main as the audio input and output in Riverside.

Please note: If connecting more than one audio source to the RODECaster, choose RØDECaster Duo Chat, which outputs two channels (stereo) to your computer.

With the Riverside mobile app

You can also install Rode Central on your computer to quickly configure the RODECaster Duo's settings.


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