Troubleshooting: Studio visual effects – not enough memory

Troubleshooting for:

  • Visual effects stopped or causing video lag
  • 'Video effects unavailable' message in the Studio

Your computer needs more available video memory (VRAM) and/or system memory (RAM) to process virtual backgrounds in real-time.

Suggested Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Refresh the page with Riverside and join the Studio again.
  • Close all tabs, windows, and programs that you do not need during the recording.
  • Restart your computer, then only open the Riverside Studio.
  • Instead of using a background blur effect, upload a background image or pick from one from Riverside's collection.
  • Switch to a different computer or use your mobile device to record.

The Studio's Host or Producer can also stop the recording and reduce the default video recording quality.

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