External USB microphones: Overview


You can record using an external microphone connected to your computer via USB.

For instructions about a specific microphone, see our mic index. Otherwise, general recommendations and troubleshooting steps for USB mics are below.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
alert-square.svg Riverside Mobile App (see below)

Connection type USB-C or USB-A to computer


  • If you cannot be heard in the Studio, check whether the mic's physical mute button is on, if it has one.
  • If the other participants hear an echo, stop the recording and then connect your headphones to the computer instead of to the microphone to minimize any audio bleed.

External mics and mobile devices

In general, external mics are only compatible with the Riverside mobile app when using a device with a USB-C port:

  • iPad or iPhone with a USB-C port
    Please note: Some external USB-C mics are not compatible with iOS 17 on the iPad.
    1. On the Studio's Lobby screen, connect the microphone to the iPad or iPhone via USB-C.
    2. Once you join the Studio, in the Wired connection pop-up:
      • Connect headphones to the microphone and tap No.
  • Android phone with a USB-C port
    1. Connect the microphone to your device.
    2. Connect headphones to the microphone to hear the Studio.


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