Riverside Editor: Overview

With just a few clicks, you can use Riverside's built-in Editor to open, preview, and create a polished final video of your full recording session or cut short excerpts from it.

Explore our list of Editor functions below, and remember that you can use hotkeys and keyboard shortcuts to edit even faster!


Zoom in and out on timeline

Magnify the timeline to make very close cuts and adjustments
Trim and split timeline Create shorter highlights or remove unwanted footage
Adjust and refine cut Adjust the start or end of your Magic Clip or make other fine-tuned edits
Add media to clip Add another recording, a previously-exported edit, or newly uploaded media

Restore sections of a clip in the editor

Return a section of the timeline or transcript that you removed

Undo or redo changes in the Editor

Quickly restore removed sections or reset a customization

Transcript and Captions

Remove individual silences and pauses Cut specific pauses and silences from the recording
Correct the transcript text Correct the spelling of a word or add additional caption text
'Correct Everywhere' in transcript Correct all mentions of a word or phrase
Rename a participant Change the label of a speaker in the transcript
Copy and paste text to move or duplicate media content Rearrange the recording with the transcript

Remove a word or phrase

Make precise edits and trim using the text

Keep only part of a clip

Quickly cut to just the selected text
Create new edit from selected text Quickly create another copy with just the selected text and the same changes applied

Remove a section from recording using the transcript

Select a portion of text and remove it from this edit

Download transcript of edited recording

Save the text with all the edits, corrections, cuts, and rearrangements you’ve made

Search within a recording's transcript

Jump to a word or phase in the transcript and highlight it on the timeline

Magic Tools

Generate AI Magic Clips

Let Riverside identify highlights and prep clips for social media

Set pace – Remove silences

Remove pauses and gaps of a specified length with one click

Use enhanced Magic Audio tracks

Let Riverside analyze and improve the sound quality of your recording

Convert text to speech with AI Voice

Use text to generate an audio sample that simulates your speaking voice and add it to your recording timeline

Editor Toolbar

Add captions Add open captions to your video for greater engagement and accessibility
Adjust caption color and style Change the font, color, and highlight color of the captions to match your brand
Add a background frame Add a branded or custom image behind the individual video frames
Add a logo Strengthen the branding of your video
Add text overlays Add text to identify speakers, show chapter titles, add emphasis, and more
Add image overlays

Upload your own assets or browse and insert free photos from Pexels library

Video Layout

Change video's aspect ratio Switch between square, widescreen, and vertical aspect ratios

Automatically switch video tracks by speaker

Dynamic layouts change the featured video depending on who is speaking
Arrange video tracks Position the participant tracks in your video
Add gaps between video frames Add spacing to show more of the background frame
Change the aspect ratio of video frames Use the same aspect ratio as the original recording or crop for a tighter layout
Hide a track Remove a track from the export
Use only a track's audio Hide a participant's video but keep their audio and transcript
Mirror a video track Flip a track horizontally so it looks like a person's reflection and more familiar to them.

Process and Export

Export media or combined recording from the Editor Export your recording so you can download and share it
Edit and share an audio-only recording clip Create audio-only content or share an excerpt without video

Copy an exported clip with its edits

Create multiple variations of your media with the same customizations and edits

Normalize audio levels

Balance the sound levels if one person was much louder or quieter than the others

Remove background noise

Apply processing to reduce noise on the exported audio

Remove watermark

With a subscription, choose whether to include a small Riverside watermark on your video


Export chapters list with timestamps

Save the chapter names to use as a video description or a text overview

Cut and move a chapter with its content

Quickly identify the footage in a chapter and reposition it on the timeline

Add a chapter

Add your own chapters alongside the AI-generated ones

Rename a chapter

Change the title label on a chapter

Remove a chapter

Remove a chapter but keep its content in your edit

Reposition chapter

Move a chapter's start- or end-point

More Editor actions

Rename a recording after the session ends

On the Recordings page, change the name of an edit post-recording

Copy an exported clip

Duplicate a recording to create multiple edits with the same footage

Upload an external media file for editing

Upload media not recorded on Riverside to edit, generate transcripts, and more

Upload a video from YouTube

Add YouTube content to your Riverside recording

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