All Async recording FAQs

Can I check how I sound in the recording?

Do a short recording to check your mic setup, then click Stop and watch the preview to hear yourself.
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How do I send my recording?
After you click Send recording, just keep the Riverside tab open until you see Your recording is sent on the screen.
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Can I save and send multiple recordings?
To submit more than one recording, record yourself and send the initial recording. Then close the Riverside tab and click the invite link again.
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Can I change my camera or mic?
After you first set up audio or video inputs, Stop the current recording. Then refresh the page and choose new equipment from the camera and mic menus.
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Should I turn off my screensaver before I record?
In general, when your webcam is active, your computer's screensaver will not turn on. We only suggest turning off your screensaver if you are recording audio-only and do not plan to use a camera.
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