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When you use Riverside to record yourself, you can share your computer screen during the recording. The person who invited you to record will also get a video file of the shared screen when you finish.

These steps are for recording without a Host or Producer in the Studio. If you are recording with other people, follow the steps here instead.

Step by step

  1. Use your invite link to enter the Studio and choose your mic and camera.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click share-box.png Screen.
  3. In the pop-up, choose the source: an individual browser tab, a specific window, or the entire screen.
  4. At the bottom left, check Share audio to include the source's sound. (Optional)
    • Mac users can share audio only from a specific browser tab. PC users can share audio from the entire screen, as well as a browser tab.
  5. Click the Share button to confirm.
If you are using a Mac and have not shared your browser's screen before, 
enable it in System Settings. You may have to quit and reopen the browser. Set this up before you start recording.

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