Which frame rate should I use to record?

We recommend the default frame rate of 24 FPS (frames per second) for most uses.

  • If you are collaborating with others on a project that includes other media assets, set your Studio's frame rate to use the same FPS as the overall project's settings.
  • If your recording space has fluorescent lights, the lighting may appear to flash. To correct this:
    • change the frame rate to 29.97 FPS if you are in
      • North America,
      • South America, or
      • another place with 60 Hz frequency electricity.
    • change the frame rate to 25 FPS if you are in
      • Africa,
      • Asia,
      • Australia,
      • Europe, or
      • another place with 50 Hz frequency electricity.

Remember that a higher frame rate does not necessarily mean higher picture quality.

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