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Remove filler words with Smooth Speech in Editor

Remove filler words like "um", "so", "uh", from your recording to improve the flow of your conversation in a single click. You can also remove or restore these sounds individually to find the sweet spot between thoughtful and rehearsed.




Publish your recording to social media

Share your recording to social media for people to watch instantly. Publish your recording to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, TikTok Twitter, and WhatsApp.




Create an audiogram (audio-only video)

Turn your audio-only recording into a shareable video. Add visual elements such as a background, logo, captions, text, or images.



Editor Dashboard

Generate AI Show Notes for an exported clip

After you export your recording from the Editor, Riverside generates a text summary about the clip. Use the notes as a starting point for description, keywords, episode chapters, or draft text for social posts.

You can also generate show notes for the full recording session before editing.


AI Show notes for edited clip.png


Add image overlays

Add visuals and images to your video in the Editor to highlight something for your viewers. Upload your own assets or browse and insert from Pexels' library of free photos.




Rename participant

Change the label and color identifying a speaker in the Editor's transcript. Any updates you make are reflected in the downloadable transcript, which has each speaker's name.



Editor Dashboard

Magic Audio Tracks (Overview)

Riverside can enhance your audio tracks with AI so you get a sharp, studio-quality sound with less background noise and reverb.




Set pace – remove silences automatically 

Cut all the pauses, gaps, and silences of a specific length in your recording with one click. This can make your content feel faster-paced and more engaging.




Add text overlay to video

Add text overlays to your video to identify speakers, show chapter titles on-screen, emphasize certain captions, and more.




Customize highlight color of captions

Use the captions panel's presets or add your own brand colors to highlight each word as it is spoken in the captions.




Send recording invite from Google Calendar

Quickly send your Guests a Google Calendar event with the Studio link and our pre-recording checklist. Find a time that works for everyone or create a recurring event.




Fresh background frames

Add a custom graphic behind your video or use one of Riverside's brand new built-in images.




whats-new-menu.png   When logged in to the Riverside dashboard, you can also click your account menu and choose whats_new-announcement.svg What's new.

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