Configure other SSO providers with Riverside

Riverside for Business accounts can set up authentication using SSO. Contact Support or email your account CSM to get started.

If you do not use Okta, Microsoft Azure (Entra ID), or Google Workspace SSO, follow the steps below.

Step by step

  1. In your authentication management system, create a new SAML 2.0 or SSO app authentication.
  2. Name it Riverside.
  3. Upload the Riverside logo [⬇ PNG], if applicable.
  4. Your CSM will provide you with these, that you need to add during the setup:
    1. An ACS URL (sometimes called a Reply URL or Callback URL)
    2. An Entity ID (sometimes called an Audience URI or Issuer)
      like riverside-example
  5. Copy and send your CSM these:
    1. SSO URL (sometimes called a Login URL, IdP SSO URL, or Entry Point URL)
    2. X.509 Certificate (also called the Security Certificate, SAML Certificate, or Metadata XML)
  6. You must also include an extra Attribute with the name email (the word is case-sensitive) and set its value to always the email of the user's account.

For reference, common terms from other SSO providers are below.

Okta's Terms Azure's Terms Google's Terms
Riverside Sends Single Sign-On URL Reply URL ACS URL
Riverside Sends Audience URI Entity ID Entity ID
Please send us Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL Login URL
(Sign SAML response and assertion)
Please send us  X.509 Certificate certificate certificate

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