Undo or redo changes in the Editor

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Quickly undo or redo changes you make to your clip in the Editor to restore removed sections or reset a design customization.

Step by step

  1. On a computer, log in to your Riverside account.
  2. In the ☰ menu on the left, click the relevant Studio.
  3. Click the relevant recording.
  4. In the top right corner, click Edit and choose + Create new edit.
    Or scroll to Edits and click a Draft or magic-spark-icon.svg Magic Clip.
  1. After making changes to the clip, above the timeline click undo-edit_reverse-left.svg Undo or redo-edit_reverse-right.svg Redo.

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts:

  • +Z or Ctrl+Z – Undo last change
  • +Shift+Z or Ctrl+Shift+Z – Redo

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