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Riverside EditorHow do I add a background graphic to my recording?

Read more here: Add a Background Graphic to Frame a Recorded Video


Transcript and CaptionsHow to download transcription files

Read more here: Download Transcriptions


Riverside EditorCan I upload an external media file for editing?

Read more here: Upload an External Media File for Editing
Learn about supported file types here: Upload External Files: Supported Filetypes and Requirements


Riverside StudioHow to join a studio as a guest

Read more here: Join a Studio as a Guest


Recording FilesWhere can I find the Recording ID for support?

Read more here: Where can I find the Recording ID for Support?


Recording FilesWhat are high-quality tracks?

Read more here: About High Quality Tracks


Recording FilesHow do I export my recording? (MP4, WAV, MP3)

Read more here: Export a Combined Recording or Media Clip


Recording FilesHow do I export recording files for Premiere Pro, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, and other editing software?


Riverside EditorHow do I create a clip for social media? 

Read more here: How do I create a clip for social media?


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