Remove filler words with Smooth Speech in Editor

Remove distracting filler words like "um", "so", "uh", from your recording to improve the flow of your conversation in a single click.

You can also remove or restore these sounds individually to find the sweet spot between thoughtful and rehearsed.

Step by step

  1. On a computer, log in to your Riverside account.
  2. In the ☰ menu on the left, click the relevant Studio.
  3. Click the relevant recording.
  4. In the top right corner, click Edit and choose + Create new edit.
    Or scroll to Edits and click a Draft or magic-spark-icon.svg Magic Clip.
  1. At the top of the page, click Quick-Tools-menu_star.svg Magic tools.
  2. Next to smooth-filler-Magic-erase.svg Smooth speech, Click Apply.
    Filler words, like um, uh, and uh, are cut from the recording's timeline.

To restore all the filler words, click revert-edit.svg Undo at the top of the page.

To restore or delete a specific filler word to the recording, find it in the transcript—represented by a filler-word-squiggle.svg symbol. Click the scribble symbol filler-word-squiggle.svg, and then select revert-edit.svg Restore or delete-remove_trash.svg Delete.


Filler words are not cut out of the recording if they occur while someone is sharing their screen, a presentation, or a media board file.

You can apply Smooth Speech to all recordings created or uploaded after 10 May 2024.

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