Leave the Studio

You can Leave the Studio session before the Host ends the recording. Any remaining data will finish uploading in the open browser tab or mobile app.

On a Computer

  1. In a web browser, click leave Leave at the bottom of the page to exit the Studio immediately.
  2. Keep the new Riverside page open until your recording finishes uploading
    or click Rejoin Studio to return to the recording session as a Guest and complete the upload.

You can also turn off your camera-video-recorder-off.svg camera and microphone-off-02.svg microphone to remain in the Studio and watch the rest of the session without adding more data to your recorded track.

On the Mobile App

  1. On the Studio screen, tap the Leave-mobile.svg Hang up icon in the corner.
  2. Tap Leave studio.
  3. Keep the app open to finish uploading your track data
    or tap Rejoin Studio to join again as a Guest and complete the upload.

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