Mobile App FAQs (At a Glance)

App Basics

Where can I find the mobile app?
Download the iOS App from the Apple App Store. Download the Android App from the Google Play Store.
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How do I use the Riverside mobile app?
Click here to watch the video.
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What if I switch to another app?
You will continue in audio-only mode and will be able to hear the other participants. If your microphone was enabled, they will still be able to hear you. If a recording is in progress, the Studio continues to record your audio.
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What should I provide for a mobile recording kit?
If you send a mobile recording kit to your Guests, we recommend that you include these items.
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Roles and Participants

Can I host a session from the mobile app?
Yes, the Host role is supported on both the iOS and Android app.
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Can I use my mobile device to join my own Studio as a Producer?
Yes. You can join your own Studio as a Producer using the mobile app to monitor the session and assist other participants but not be recorded. 
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Uploading & Accessing Recordings

How can I check track upload progress on the mobile app?
After you leave the recording Studio, you can check the status of any remaining track uploads from the mobile app by following these steps.
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How can I view my recordings in the mobile app?
At present, you cannot view your recordings in the mobile app. Instead, use your mobile device's browser and log in to Riverside to open, view, or share the recording, or download exported clips.
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What happens if I close the app before my upload finishes?
If you exit the Riverside app before your local recording has finished uploading, your audio/video data is still on your device. Relaunch the app and it will automatically resume the upload.
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App Settings

How can I record 4K video with my mobile device?
You can record 4K video using the Riverside mobile app as long as your device's camera is capable of 4K resolution video and the Riverside Studio you record in has its default maximum resolution set to 4K.
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What is Speak Mode and Listen Mode on iOS?
When Speak Mode is on, you can record audio with the external mic. When Listen Mode is on, the device's speakers play the Studio's audio.
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Can I change the Echo Cancellation setting on a mobile device?
No. The audio from participants recording with the Riverside mobile app always has Echo Cancellation enabled.
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Can I turn off the volume of my mobile device? I still hear an echo.
Yes, you can mute the audio output of your iOS device when you join in the Lobby or in the Studio.
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Can I use the front facing or rear facing camera on my mobile device?
Yes, you can record video with both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras on your mobile device with the Riverside app.
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Can I change the orientation of my device in the app or record in landscape mode?
Yes, you can change your device's orientation to record either horizontal video (landscape) and vertical video (portrait). However, you must do this before joining the Studio itself.
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Where can I find my mobile app's App ID and version for Support?
Follow these steps to find the App ID and copy it to your clipboard.
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Is there an APK download of the Riverside Android app?
At this time, we cannot provide the APK for installation. Please use a computer browser or iOS device to join the Studio.
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