Transcription FAQs (At a Glance)

Languages, Accuracy, and Corrections

Can I correct and replace all instances of the same word in the transcript?
Not yet! For now, you can correct words or phrases in the transcript at a specific part of the text, but not replace all occurrences of a word.
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How accurate are the AI transcriptions?
Riverside's AI transcriptions have strong accuracy. You may encounter incorrect words if part of the conversation is too quiet to be understood or if multiple speakers are talking over each other (crosstalk).
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Which languages can Riverside transcribe?
Riverside uses AI to transcribe your recording in one of over 100 languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and many others.
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How many languages can be transcribed in each recording?
If the conversation includes multiple languages, words or phrases in the other language/s are translated into the Studio's default transcription language in the final transcript text.

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Does the transcript file's text include words that I removed using the Editor?
Not yet! The downloadable transcription file includes the full conversation from the recording. It does not reflect changes made if you remove text from the transcript in the Editor.
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Does Riverside transcribe filler words like "um" "ah" and "eh"?
Riverside does not transcribe filler words such as ‘um’, ‘ah', or ‘eh.’
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Does audio from an intro/outro, media board file, or shared screen get transcribed?
At this time, transcriptions are only generated for participant tracks.
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Transcription Files

How long does a transcript take to generate?
The total transcription time can vary depending on the file size, length of the recording, and how busy our servers are.
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Can I access the transcript of an older recording?
Yes, you can generate and view the transcript of an older recording you created on Riverside by opening the recording in the Editor.
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How can I view timestamps in the downloaded transcript files?
Open the SRT file with your computer's word processing program like TextEdit (Mac) or WordPad (Windows).
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What happens to individual files I upload for transcription?
Riverside processes the file to generate the transcript text, then removes the file after 24 hours.
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Can I hide the transcript while I'm editing?
Yes, you can show or hide the transcript in Riverside's Editor. 
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