Setup FAQs (At a Glance)

Hardware Setup

Can I use a green screen, add a virtual background, or other graphics?
The Studio does not currently have a green screen, virtual background, or live graphics feature built in.
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Why am I getting no sound in the Studio when I use a USB audio interface/mixer?
When using a multi-channel audio interface or a multi-track mixer to control your sound input, connect your microphone/s to channels 1 and 2.
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How should I configure my firewall to connect to Riverside?
You may have to contact your IT/system administrator to configure rules that allow the network's outbound traffic to specific websites via ports and to approved domains.
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What browsers and devices are not supported?
The following browsers are not supported to record on Riverside: beta release versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, all mobile browsers, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Chromium, Brave, Chrome Canary, and Vivaldi.
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How can I check how many core processors my computer has?
To check the number of processing cores your Mac computer has, open its System Information report. For Windows, open its Task Manager.
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Is the default frame rate on Riverside true 24 FPS?
Yes, the default frame rate for participant tracks recorded on a computer is 24 FPS (frames per second), not 23.97 or 23.98 FPS.
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Studios and Roles

How many Studios can I create?
The number of reusable Studios you can create depends on your account plan.
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Can I add another host or a co-host to my Studio?
Only one person can join the Studio in the Host role. However, other participants can join the Studio alongside the Host and perform as a co-host in a Guest role.
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How many Guests can be recorded in a Studio session?
The Riverside Studio can record 7 Guests in each session.
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How many Audience members can join and watch a recording session?
Up to 1000 Audience members can watch the recording session in your Studio and use the chat, like for a webinar.
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How many Producers can monitor the Studio in a recording session?
There is no limit to the number of Producers who can join. However, the more people who are in the Studio, the smaller each participant's video frame will be.
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Scheduling and Studio Invites

Can I use Calendly to automatically schedule my recording sessions?
Yes, you can add a Studio Access link to calendar events on Calendly and other sites.
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Can people pre-register for a Studio session?
No. At this time, Studio participants cannot pre-register themselves for a Studio session. However, you can still distribute a role-specific Studio Access link.
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Does a Studio Access link expire?
No. When you generate a Studio Access link for a specific role, it can be reused and does not expire.
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What is UTC time? How do I see my local time zone?
UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) is a time format typically used for scheduling across time zones. Check online to convert between UTC and your local time zone.
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