Use phone as webcam (iPhone, Android)

Who: Host, Guests, Producers, and recorded Audience Members
Plan: All Plans
Device: Computer Browser and Mobile App

Connect your mobile device to the Riverside Studio to use its high-quality back camera to record your video.

Please note:
This feature is in beta and is being released gradually to Riverside users.

Step by step

  1. Install the Riverside mobile app on your mobile device.
  2. Using a computer, join a Riverside Studio.
  3. On the right side of the Lobby page, click the camera-video-recorder.svg Cameras dropdown menu.
  4. At the bottom of the list, click qr-code-scan-connect-mobile.svg Connect mobile cam.
  5. Open your phone's Camera app and scan the QR code on the computer screen.
  6. Tap the link in the Camera app.
    If you have the Riverside app installed, the app opens and shows Connecting your cam, then Camera is connected.
    connecting-your-cam.gif camera-is-connected_david.png
  7. Place the phone on a mount, stand, or tripod horizontally and with its back camera pointed at you.
  8. On your computer, look for the video preview on the Lobby page.
    Be sure iphone-notch-icon.svg iPhone (HD mobile cam) or iphone-notch-icon.svg Android (HD mobile cam) is selected on the Cameras menu .
  9. On the left side of the page, enter your name.
  10. Click to indicate whether you are using headphones.
  11. Click Join Studio.
    Your device uses its back camera and records in a landscape (wide horizontal) orientation.

To connect your phone after you join the Studio, click camera-video-recorder.svg Cam at the bottom of the screen. Then select qr-code-scan-connect-mobile.svg Connect mobile cam and scan the QR code.

Make sure you put your mobile device on Do not disturb to prevent calls and notifications from interrupting your recording.

If you get disconnected, exit the app and scan the QR code again with your phone's camera app.

NOTE: Using the device's microphone
You can use a microphone connected to your computer, or click the microphone-02.svg Mics menu and choose your mobile device's iphone-notch-icon.svg iPhone mic or iphone-notch-icon.svg Android mic instead. If you use the device's built-in microphone, you must connect headphones to your computer. When using phone as a webcam, we do not yet support connecting an external microphone to it.

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