What happens if I am added to an account and already have my own recordings?

When you accept the invite to join a Riverside Business account and already have an individual account with Riverside that uses the same email address:

  • All your Studios and past recordings from your individual account move to the Business account.
  • In the Business account, a new Production is created that uses your email address as its name.
The Account Owner and Admins of the Business account will have ownership, access, and editing rights to your Studios and past recordings from your individual account.

If you are later removed from the Business account, your Studios and past recordings are not automatically returned to an individual account.

If you do not want to transfer your past Studios and recordings into the Business account, we recommend that you:

  • ask the person who invited you to send the invite to a different email address, or
  • create a new Riverside account with a different email address to use for the Business account.


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