Adjust another participant's output volume (Live Call)

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Who: Host and Producers
Plan: All Plans
Device: Computer Browser 

Hosts and Producers can use the fader in the Studio's sidebar to adjust another participant's volume output in the live call's audio mix.

These adjustments only change how other people hear each other during the call in the Studio and do not affect the final recorded audio

Step by step

  1. Join a Studio as the Host or as a Producer.
  2. Click the People icon to open the sidebar.
  1. Under each participant's name, look for the fader and mic level indicator.
  2. Click and slide the fader to adjust the participant's volume level in the live call.
    Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 12.55.05.png

Each participant can also use the fader and mute/unmute themselves.

In the sidebar, click the mic-solid.svg mic button to mute or unmute the participant for both the live call and in the final recorded track.

If the microphone level meter shows that a participant is too loud or too quiet, they should increase or decrease their device's sound input and can adjust its microphone sensitivity before the recording begins.

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