What's the difference between compressed (MP3) and uncompressed (WAV) audio files?

Riverside lets you download separate audio tracks or export combined audio clips in two formats:

Uncompressed Audio (WAV)

The uncompressed audio file is a high-fidelity recording of the live call. It is ideal for editing with external software and for preserving the original recording. However, these files can be very large if you want to share, stream, or copy them.

Compressed Audio (MP3)

The compressed audio file removes some data at very high and low sound frequencies to reduce the file size, which helps save storage space. The smaller file is easier to stream online and send to other people. Riverside compresses audio at 64 kb/s.

And what about video files?

When you download a video track, the MP4 video file is not compressed. Clips are only compressed if you export them using a lower video resolution than Studio's setting during the recording.

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