Key Riverside Features

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Feature Description Key Articles
Users / Team collaboration
Each user in a Business account has a seat to create Studios, invite participants, record, and access the recording files. Riverside for Business Accounts (Overview)
Separate tracks These are the high-quality audio & video recording files you can download for each participant. This gives you more control in post-production. About High Quality Tracks
Studios The Studio is where your recordings take place and where you can access the files after you're done. You can customize the settings for each Studio. Organize Your Studios and Recordings
Productions Productions are shared team spaces for multiple Studios in a Business account. You can set different permissions for each Production. This is great for cross-team collaboration.

Add a User to a Production

Set Default Studio Settings

Video quality  – desktop recording Depending on your plan and participants' devices, record at up to 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution using a desktop or laptop.

Change Studio's Default Video Recording Quality

Recording 4K Video (Overview)

Video quality  – mobile recording Depending on your plan and participants' devices, record at up to 720p, 1080p, or 4K resolution. How can I record 4K video with my mobile device?
Second camera angle – mobile

Use your mobile device as a second camera to capture shots from different angles. This gives you more to work with in post-production.

Use Mobile Device as Second Camera Angle (Multicam Mode)
Clips export quality Depending on your plan, export Clips at up to 4K resolution. Clip Export Options
Audio quality Depending on your plan, switch between 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz. Change Studio's Audio Sample Rate
Available frame rates Depending on your plan, switch between 24 FPS, 25 FPS, or 29.97 FPS. Change Studio's Video Frame Rate
Number of people in a recording Each session on Riverside can record up to 8 people. For example, your session could include 1 Host and up to 7 Guests. How many participants can be recorded in a Studio session? How many Producers can monitor? 
Producer role with full Studio control Producers participate in the call to support the host and guest. They have full control over studio settings, but they're not recorded. This way the host can focus on chatting with their guests. The Producer Role (Details)
Audience mode Audience members can join as viewers, but won't be part of the recorded call unless they call-in.

The Audience Member Role (Details)

Riverside Live Call-In (Overview)

Riverside Editor Our built-in editor gives you powerful tools to create a polished, final video or create short excerpts. Enhance audio, trim content, switch speaker layouts, and use the transcript to remove parts you don't want.

Editor (Overview)

What does "unlimited recording and editing" mean?

Text-based Editing

Search and trim your recording using the transcription of the conversation that Riverside generates automatically. It's as easy as editing a doc.

Edit a Recording using the Transcript
Clips Easily create bite-size clips from preset layouts to share highlights on social media and wherever you publish your podcast. About Clips and Combined Recordings
Screen sharing Hosts, Guests or Producers can easily share their screens during a session. Each screen share will be recorded as a separate track, giving creators full control during post-production. Share Your Screen
Live Call-Ins Audience members can participate in a live session and be recorded. Riverside Live Call-In (Overview)
Presentation recorder Upload presentations to present during the call. These are recorded locally in a separate synced track so you have a high-quality version to use in post-production. Upload and Share a Presentation
Private chat Allow people in the Studio to send messages to individual participants instead of to everyone in the call. Send a Private Message to a Studio Participant
Live call-ins A Live Call-in enables audience members to participate in the Studio conversation and be recorded like a Guest. Riverside Live Call-In (Overview)
Noise reduction Reduce background noise such as ACs, computer fans, heaters, or other ambient sounds.

Enable Background Noise Reduction

Remove Background Noise from a Clip

Integrations Easily publish your podcast directly from Riverside to Spotify or Transistor. Integrations for Editing and Publishing (Overview)
Remove watermark On a paid plan, you can remove the small animated watermark from exported clips. Remove Watermark from a Clip
Live streaming Riverside enables you to stream directly to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Linkedin and another platforms with RTMP when you record. Live Streaming (Overview)
Transcription and caption files

Download text of the full conversation to use for captioning your media or creating other text-based content.

Transcriptions and Captions (Overview)
Full frame view Usually, the video frames are responsive to fit all participants equally. Choose full frame to always display each participant's uncropped video. View a Video Frame at Full Screen in the Studio
Upload control Have more control of whether your participants' tracks upload automatically during the session or when you choose. This way, you can prioritize their internet connection for the live conversation. Track File Uploading (Overview)
Custom branding

Customize the Studio and Guest Lobby with your logo so participants see your branding before and during the call.

Add or Update Studio Logo
Simultaneous recordings Business accounts can record in multiple Studios simultaneously.  
Change input/output devices of Guests remotely Have full control over your Guests' audio & video inputs and output and make adjustments. Prompt a Participant to Change Mic, Camera, or Speaker
Camera controls – mobile Remotely adjust your Guest's camera settings if they are using the Riverside iOS app to tweak the color temperature and light exposure to get the best video quality. Adjust Temperature and Exposure of Participant's Mobile Camera (Camera Controls)
Customizable bit rate Business accounts can contact Riverside Support to increase their Studios' target video bit rate. Can I customize my video bit rate?
Adobe Premiere integration
Export a ZIP with all your recording files specially formatted for a seamless import to Premiere and Premier Pro. Export Recording as Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline
Spotify for Podcasters integration
Publish your videos directly to Spotify for distribution to many podcast services. Publish Clips on Spotify
Transistor integration Publish your recordings with Transistor for distribution to many podcast services. Publish Audio Clips to Transistor
Editor role users Invite team members to access your finished recordings, download files, and use Riverside's online Editor. Business Account: Member Roles
Unlimited storage For users not on a Business account, recording files are moved to an archival storage server after 120 days. How can I access older recordings?
Roles and permissions Manage user access and give external editors access to your recordings. Business Account: Member Roles
SSO (Okta, Azure & more) Business accounts can set up industry-standard SSO methods. Does Riverside support SSO methods (Single Sign-On)?


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