Virtual Camera: Reincubate Camo

You can use Reincubate's Camo software to connect your iOS or Android device to your computer and use its camera as a webcam with Riverside in your browser.


Equipment Overview

Maximum Video Resolution
  • Camo (free):
    • 720p
  • Camo Pro (paid):
    • 1080p
Details Camo Help Center


Camo uses a lot of your computer's processing power to enhance your video feed. For greatest stability, the Host should reduce the Studio's default quality (recording resolution) to ensure a smooth frame rate.
  • Set the frame rate in Camo to match the Studio's set frame rate.
    • With a free plan, Camo's frame rate is limited to 30 FPS. 
    • Ask the Host or Producer to check the Studio's settings if you are unsure of its current frame rate.
  • Connect the mobile device to your computer via USB rather than using WiFi because the wireless connection's latency can cause lag.
  • Use Camo for both the virtual camera and a virtual microphone to keep your video and audio synchronized.
    • In Camo's desktop app, click Audio Settings and select a microphone connected to your computer. Then in the Riverside Studio in your browser, select Camo as both your video input and audio input.


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