Audio Interface: Zoom Podtrak P4


You can connect the Zoom Podtrak P4 to a computer or mobile device to use one or two XLR microphones and other audio sources with Riverside.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
checkmark-yes.svg Riverside Mobile App

Connection type USB-C (to computer)
TRRS (to computer or mobile device)
Manufacturer details

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  • Connect XLR mics to input jacks 1-2 and connect headphones to phone jacks 1-2.
  • Connect to the computer via USB-C port on the left side of the Podtrak.
  • Set the switch under input knob 4 to USB_icon.svg USB.
  • Set the Podtrak's output to Mix-Minus mode to minimize echo.
    • Push the ☰ Menu button, then select Settings, and turn USB Mix-Minus on.
  • On your computer, select Zoom P4 Audio as the audio input and output in Riverside.

Mobile Devices

  • Connect XLR mics to input jacks 1-2 and connect headphones to phone jacks 1-2.
  • Connect the mobile device to the TRRS port on the right side of the Podtrak with a male-to-male TRRS (stereo headphone) cable.

    • Depending on your mobile device, you may also need to use a TRRS to Lightning or TRRS to USB-C adapter.
  • Set the switch under input knob 3 to Zoom_mobile-device.svg Mobile Device.
    • A mono signal is sent from the Podtrak to the device. Mix-minus is applied to the audio.
  • In the Riverside iOS app, you may see a pop-up message 'Wired Connection' in the Studio.
    • Tap No to use the Podtrak as both microphone and headphones.


  • If you hear an echo even with Mix-minus applied, stop the recording and connect your headphones directly into your computer instead of the Podtrak.
    • On Riverside, select your headphones as the audio output and Zoom P4 Audio as the input.

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