Best Practices for a Live Stream

Riverside lets you livestream your recording session to other social platforms.

In addition to specific instructions to set up a live stream to each platform, below are general tips for hosting a live stream on Riverside.

In Advance of the Live Stream

Day of the Live Stream

  • Check your internet speed.
    • If possible, use a wired Ethernet connection instead of WiFi.
  • In the Studio settings General section, confirm that the Studio privacy is set to Public, rather than Private.
  • Generate a new Stream Key and Stream URL from each platform/s you plan to use.
    • Please note: Some platforms, like LinkedIn Live, only provide the Stream Key shortly before the scheduled start time and it must be updated for each new event.
    • Start a short preview recording to test the stream on the platform before making it public.

Participant Preparation

  • Share our pre-call checklist with Guests.
  • Remind anyone joining as a Producer that they can be seen and heard in the stream if they turn on their camera and mic.
  • Assign a participantor even someone not appearing on camerato keep an eye on the text chat from viewers on the other platform/s.

During the Live Stream

  • Close any unnecessary programs and browser tabs.
  • Interact with your viewers via text chat on the platform/s.

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