Add or update Production logo

Who: Riverside Account Owners, Admins, and Directors
Plan: Riverside for Business
Device: Computer Browser

Add a logo for your Production to brand it and organize your dashboard.

Step by step

  1. Log in to your Riverside account.
  2. On the production list, hover over the desired production and click ••• [the three dots].
  3. On the menu, choose settings.svg Production settings.
  1. Under the General tab, scroll down to plus-circle.svg Logo.
  2. Click the + to add a new logo or the existing logo to replace or remove it.
  3. Select an image file on your computer and click open.

The logo is shown on the Productions page, to Guests on the Lobby page, and to all participants in the Studio. The logo is the default logo for all new Studios you create in the Production, however, you can also change the logo of an individual Studio.

Dashboard-Production Folder.png Lobby_logo.png

The logo's minimum size is 72 × 72 pixels. SVG, JPG, and PNG image files are supported.

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