Guest Checklist and Tips: Recording with Mobile App

Before you join a Studio session using your mobile device, here are some tips for a seamless recording experience:

Before Recording

During Recording

  • Wear headphones to prevent echo and increase overall audio quality.
  • Temporarily turn off any VPNs or network firewalls. (More info.)
  • Close other mobile applications, as many as possible — especially any that also use the microphone or camera.
  • Stay in the Riverside app while recording. You may want to Pause device notifications or turn on 'Do Not Disturb' mode.
    • Switching to another app can interrupt your recording track.

When You Record

As long as you can hear the other participants, you are still connected to the Studio. Your local recording will be higher quality than what you see and hear during the live call.

Using a strong cellular data connection may be more reliable than WiFi. You can check your connection here.

You may want to use a computer instead, if:

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