Audio connection: TRRS Splitter


A TRRS splitter allows you to use wired headphones and a wired 3.5 mm microphone with a computer or mobile device.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

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Connection type TRS Mic & TRS Headphones sockets ⭢
to TRRS plug (computer or mobile device)


Use this to connect wired headphones that use a mini jack connection (also known as an 3.5 mm or 1/8th-inch plug) and a wired microphone that also uses a mini jack, like the Rode VideoMic Go, Rode Wireless GO II, or a lavalier-style mic.

On a computer

  • Most computers and laptops now only have one combined TRRS headphone/mic port.
  • Use the TRRS splitter to connect both the mic and headphones to the same port.

On a mobile device

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