Remotely Connect to Riverside Support with AnyDesk

Riverside Support agents may use a third-party software called AnyDesk to remotely connect with your computer during some live troubleshooting sessions. 

 Follow the steps below to set up AnyDesk on your computer.

IMPORTANT: User Consent
This software will only be used upon the user's consent.
AnyDesk is a third-party software that is not owned by Riverside. AnyDesk shall be governed by its own Terms. Any problems or losses as a result thereof will not be Riverside’s responsibility.

Step by step

  1. On the computer you will be using with Riverside, download AnyDesk:
  2. Click Download Now.
  3. Open the installer and follow the installation process.
  4. Once complete, launch the AnyDesk application.
  5. Next to Your Address in the AnyDesk window, copy the Access Code (the number formatted like 123 345 789).
    AnyDesk window
    NOTE: Mac System Permissions
    If you're using a Mac and you see “0” as your address, you may need to grant AnyDesk permission to control your mouse and keyboard, then restart the app. See steps below.
  6. Share the Access Code with the Riverside Support agent.
    When the Riverside Support agent requests access to your computer, you will see a pop-up asking if you accept them accessing your computer.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. Disconnect the Riverside Support agent from your computer by clicking Disconnect at any time.

Grant permissions on a Mac

    1. Click the red triangle Alert___Red____Triangle.svg next to the Address Code.
    2. In AnyDesk's System Permissions Status window, click Request Accessibility.
      Your Mac's System Settings app opens.
    3. In the list of applications under Accessibility, click the toggle next to AnyDesk to add it.
    4. Enter your computer's password (or click Enter if you do not have a password) to save the change.
    5. Close the System Settings window and return to the AnyDesk application.
    6. Quit AnyDesk.
    7. Relaunch the AnyDesk application.
      AnyDesk's System Permissions Status window should show 🟢 Granted next to the Request Accessibility button.

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