Microphone: Rode Wireless Go II


This set of wireless mic Transmitters and a Receiver can connect directly to your computer or to a mobile device with an adapter.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
alert-square.svg Riverside Mobile App (see below)

Connection type

3.5mm TRS (mini jack) to a computer or mobile app

USB to computer

Manufacturer details

Full specs at rode.com


  • If connecting the Rode Wireless GO II Receiver to your computer, we recommend also using headphones to limit echo.
  • Be sure the batteries in the Receiver and Transmitter/s are charged.


  • Due to hardware limitations, this mic is compatible with the Riverside mobile app only if you use a TRRS splitter.
    • Connect the splitter to your iOS device with a Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter, if needed. Then connect the Rode Reciever to the splitter's end labeled for sound input and a set of wired headphones to the end labeled for sound output.


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