Audio Interface: RODECaster Pro II



Use XLR microphones and other audio sources with Riverside by connecting the RODECaster Pro II to a computer via USB or mobile device via Bluetooth.

Equipment Overview

Compatibility with Riverside

checkmark-yes.svg Computer Browser
checkmark-yes.svg Riverside Mobile App

Connection type USB-C (to computer)
Bluetooth (to computer or mobile device)
Manufacturer details

Full specs at


  • Connect the RODECaster Pro II to your computer using its USB ➀ output.
  • In your browser, select RØDECaster Pro II Chat as the audio input and output for Riverside.
    • The Pro II Chat is optimized for communications platforms like Riverside. It is configured for stereo output (rather than multitrack output) and has mix-minus enabled by default to minimize echo.
    • If needed, you can also record in multitrack to a MicroSD card in the RODECaster Pro II.
  • For details on using the RODECaster Pro II to record in-person and remote participants simultaneously, see the video below:


  • If using a Mac, you may not immediately see the RODECaster Pro II after connecting it. In the Mac's menu bar, click on the Sound icon, and select Sound Settings/Audio Preferences to see all available devices.
    • If 'RODECaster Pro II Chat' is not listed, try reconnecting and check that you are using its USB ➀ output.
  • Install Rode Central on your computer to quickly configure the Rodecaster's settings.

Further troubleshooting

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