Enterprise Hosts and Producers can help participants record with the best microphone and camera they have. Check which connected devices are available in the Studio sidebar, then prompt the participant to switch. Follow the steps below to prompt a participant to change their input or output.


During a recording, input/output devices cannot be changed. The Host or Producer should stop recording first. Participants can turn their mic/camera off or on at any time.

A participant's device does not switch until they click Approve. Turning off their camera, mic, or speakers happens immediately.

Step by step:

  1. Using a computer, log in to the dashboard.

  2. Join an Enterprise Studio as Host or Producer.

  3. In the sidebar on the right, click the Studio tab.


    If you don't see the sidebar, click the arrow to expand it.

  4. Next to a participant, click the down arrow.

  5. Under Input & Output, see available devices by clicking the camera, mic, or speaker menu.

  6. On the list, click the preferred new device.


The participant's screen displays a pop-up prompt about the device switch. They can Approve or Ignore the request.

The prompt a Guest receives to change their device.
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