The Internet Backup is a recording of the call as it happens in the Studio. The composed Internet Backup Track combines all recorded participants' tracks into one file. It has a lower resolution than participants' locally recorded separated tracks but is useful as a reference track or to review a conversation after recording in the Studio. Follow the steps below to download the composed internet backup of your recording.

Step by step:

  1. Log in to your account.

  2. Click Home.

  3. Scroll to the specific Studio and click View all recordings.

  4. On the Studio Recordings page, click the session.

  5. On the top right of the session page, click the three dots menu [...].

  6. For a composed .mp4 file, click Download mp4 backup track
    or for a composed .wav file, click Download audio backup.

You can also download the individual internet backup tracks of the participants.

For higher resolution video, download the local separated tracks or use the built-in Editor to create clips.

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