The Riverside Studio creates three different types of recordings of each session: separated tracks, clips, and internet backup tracks.

Internet Backups are recordings of the call as it happens in the Studio. Backups have a lower resolution than the locally recorded separate tracks but they are useful as a reference track or to review a conversation after the recording ends. The quality of each participant's video track depends on their internet connection.

Download backup tracks in the following formats:

Video Backup Track (Composed)

The Video Backup is a single .mp4 file that includes audio and video from all users, as seen during the live call. It has a variable frame rate and its video tracks are arranged in a gallery view.

Audio Backup Track (Composed)

The Audio Backup is a single .wav file that includes audio from all users, as heard during the live call.

Individual Internet Tracks

In addition to the composed backup that combines all recorded participants' tracks into one file, their individual tracks are also available. Download a participant's individual internet backup track on the Studio's recording session page.

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