This is a Beta version of our Android App. This current version supports the guest role only. We will be adding more supported roles shortly!

To get started, you can download the app here. You can find the Android App requirements here.

Once installed, you may paste the guest link sent by your host into the app, enter a recent studio, or scan the invite QR code. If you click on the invite link from your email or other app, this will open the Android app automatically.

After entering your name, you will be asked to allow the app permission to access your mic and camera.

Once done, you may click on Next. This will place you in the studio where you can interact with your Host and the other guests.

From here, your host will have full control of the studio. You may however, change the orientation of your device prior to the recording starting.

During the recording, you will have the ability to change between your front, or rear facing camera.

Once the recording stops, please leave the app open until your upload status displays as 100%.

If you accidentally close out of the app to soon, don't worry, you can simply open the app again to continue the upload.

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